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  • 5 star review  I did yoga classes with Francesca for eight months when I lived in Florence, and I can say that I learned as much in the more physical as in the psychological part. I went to class once a week in the intermediate course, each class was different and always tried to center it in that specific area where I am weakest in order to improve, and I really improved a lot. If you are looking for a teacher to start doing yoga or to learn more, I really recommend going to Francesca.

    thumb Maria Musuy Martinez
    19 Luglio 2018

    5 star review  Francesca è molto proffessionale, gentile e accomodante. È riuscita a risolvere un problema alla cervicale che avevo da anni in un' atmosfera rilassante e piacevole.

    thumb Giulia Baronti
    26 Giugno 2019

    4 star review  Faccio lezione di yoga con Francesca ormai da tempo. Quella con lei è la mia ora di benessere, dove si trova il tempo per stare finalmente un po' in pace con se stessi, sentire il proprio corpo, calmare il respiro. Inoltre, dopo qualche lezione le tensioni al collo e alle spalle se ne vanno, e tutto il corpo è più forte e flessuoso.

    thumb Irene Mari
    7 Novembre 2018
  • 5 star review  I went to Francesca because I had been suffering from a few months of pain in the shoulders and neck and consequently also in the head. I've done with her 3 relaxing massages lasting and I was very satisfied. Already after the second time the pains are gone. In fact, I will also do a maintenance path in the coming months. In addition to this, Francesca is very kind and answers exhaustively to all questions and doubts related to the treatment, but also to her work. The council absolutely because besides being a professional, is also fantastic on a human level.

    thumb Daria Cardia
    17 Dicembre 2019

    4 star review  I've been doing yoga class with Francesca for some time now. That with her is my hour of well-being, where you can find the time to finally be at peace with yourself, feel your body, calm your breath. In addition, after a few lessons the tension in the neck and shoulders go away, and the whole body is stronger and more supple.

    thumb Irene Mari
    7 Novembre 2018

    5 star review  Francesca è molto seria e precisa. Ho dovuto fare una serie di massaggi decontratturanti per un problema di capsulite adesiva ad una spalla e ho avuto dei miglioramenti fin da subito.

    thumb Gianluca Braccini
    3 Gennaio 2019